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Unikraft receives “Best Paper” award at EuroSys21

We are honored to have been awarded ‘Best Paper’ by ACM, Association for Computing Machinery at EuroSys21 for our work on “Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way” This as been an incredible amount of work from over the last year, with an incredible team of people including Simon Kuenzer, Vlad-Andrei Bădoiu, Hugo Lefeuvre, Sharan […]

Meet us at FOSDEM 2021!

We will be at FOSDEM 2021 on February 6 & 7! Come listen to one of our talks or meet us at our virtual stand: [TALK] Is the Time Ripe for Unikernels to Become Mainstream with Unikraft? [TALK] Severely Debloating Cloud Images with Unikraft [STAND] Visit our stand here Looking forward to meet you there!