Zero Disruption Cloud App Optimization

Unikraft Cloud leverages the outputs from existing pipelines or registries, including binary artifacts, OCI images, Nix packages and more. We transparently optimize the underlying stack, leaving your app/workload unmodified (but accelerated!)

We integrate with a wide range of popular of registries, images and tools so you don't have to -- keep your build and deploy pipelines unmodified and just reap Unikraft's benefits.

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Docker/OCI Image conversion

Dynamically convert existing Docker/OCI images remotely into highly performant and specialized unikernels/virtual machines.

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Nix Package conversion

Systematically build existing Nix flakes and packages into lightweight, highly specialized unikernel Virtual Machines.

Full System Specialization

Unikraft analyzes the needs of your application and automatically builds an extremely specialized image -- with everything your application needs, and nothing it doesn't.

Your application is unmodified: Unikraft works transparently, optimizing the layers underneath. You get acceleration without having to change how your app works.

Unikraft accelerates workloads by as much as 200% and reduces cloud spend by 20%-50%. Accelerate a large range of workloads, including proxies, web servers, databases and Go, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and C/C++ apps. For queries about a particular workload, please get in touch!

Unikraft Cloud performance vs. Traditional Linux VM
Binary analysis

Zero Maintenance Deployments

Connect Unikraft Cloud to your existing deployment tools to dynamically build and provision secure, performant apps.

Unikraft Cloud's entire process of fetching and accelerating your application can be seamlessly integrated by connecting to your existing clusters and orchestration frameworks. Whether private, clusters on public clouds, or even managed clusters such as EKS, Unikraft Cloud supports transparent, painless deployment to them.

Supported Tools
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Supported Infrastructure Providers
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Seamlessly connect existing systems to Unikraft Cloud. For example, with Kubernetes:

$ kubeadm token create --print-join-command

kubeadm join ***.***.***.***:6443 \
     --token ******.**************** \
     --discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:*************************...

Simply generate a node join token from an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Use the Unikraft Cloud dashboard to connect and configure how new deployments will be run. A dynamic node will be provisioned to your cluster which allows you to schedule new services on-demand without disrupting existing deployment tools.

$ kubectl get nodes

NAME                STATUS   ROLES           AGE   VERSION
k8s-control-plane   Ready    control-plane   1d    v1.25.5   Ready    worker          1s    v1.25.5

Connect to an existing cluster